Friday, May 4, 2012

Discount Wholesale Prices

ZLC-is the fastest growing liquidation buyer and seller in America. We have a national staff of product seekers who search out and identify companies and manufactures who wish to convert excess inventory into needed cash. Often we buy from companies in bankruptcy or facing severe financial hardship. We purchase anywhere from a few items to a complete inventory. All products are examined carefully and tested before focus groups to determine their salability. The prices we pay for this quality merchandise is so amazingly low that we offer it to you at well below retail, and often wholesale. In fact, you will generally find our prices to be the lowest available anywhere in america.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Drive A Free New Car Or Get Paid To Drive Yours!

Is it possible to drive a car for FREE or EARN extra INCOME driving your own?

  The answer is YES!  Many advertising companies are willing to give you a FREE car to drive in exchange for advertising there company OR PAY you to advertise with your car.                        

Now, this is  what I call the type of advertisement that is both beneficial to the driver and the advertiser. The advertisers get noticed and the drivers earn extra CA$H!

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Residential/Commercial Cleaning Services

                       "Affordable Residential/Commercial Cleaning Services"
Do you have an Office, Property, Apartment"Move-Out", Foreclosure"Trashout", R.E.O., or
Construction Site that needs Cleaning??

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